The Undeniable Advantages of Meat-Based Diets for Muscle Building


As the popularity of plant-based diets surges, the debate over whether vegan or meat-eating diets are superior for muscle building becomes increasingly important. In this article, we examine six studies and articles that reveal the undeniable advantages of meat-based diets for muscle development. It’s time to put the debate to rest and acknowledge the power of meat-based diets for those serious about building muscle.

Study 1: The Unmatched Protein Quality of Animal-Based Sources (PMC10048841)

This study conclusively demonstrated that animal-based proteins are superior to plant-based proteins for muscle growth. Meat provides a higher proportion of essential amino acids, making it the clear choice for those who want to maximize their muscle-building potential.

Study 2: The Struggles of Plant-Based Diets and Muscle Gains (SlashGear)

A study featured on SlashGear exposed the challenges of plant-based diets for muscle gains. Researchers noted that plant-based diets require meticulous planning to ensure adequate protein intake and the right balance of amino acids. In contrast, meat-eating diets effortlessly provide the necessary nutrients for muscle growth.

Study 3: Vegans, The Weaker Link? (Men’s Health)

An article in Men’s Health cited a study that found vegans have weaker muscles than meat-eaters. This evidence underscores the benefits of consuming animal-based proteins for muscle building, proving that a meat-based diet is the superior choice for strength and muscle development.

Study 4: Animal-Based Protein Supplements Dominate (PMC8623732)

This study compared plant-based and animal-based protein supplements for muscle mass development in resistance training individuals. Although the study found that both protein sources led to muscle gains, it’s crucial to recognize the importance of overall protein intake and the quality of the amino acid profile. Animal-based proteins naturally offer a more favorable amino acid profile, solidifying the dominance of meat-based diets.

Study 5: Carnivore Diet – The Ultimate Strength Boost (BarBend)

An article on BarBend highlighted the unmatched benefits of the carnivore diet for strength athletes. A carnivore diet focuses on animal-based foods, providing high-quality protein and essential amino acids that support muscle growth like no other diet. The article acknowledges potential drawbacks but reinforces that the power of a meat-based diet for muscle building is unrivaled.

Study 6: The Uphill Battle of Plant-Based Diets for Athletes (PMC4529719)

This review article examined the potential advantages and challenges of plant-based diets for athletes. While the authors admitted that a well-planned vegan diet could provide necessary nutrients for athletic performance and muscle growth, they emphasized the struggle of proper planning, supplementation, and consumption of various plant-based protein sources. In contrast, meat-based diets effortlessly excel in muscle-building efficiency.


The evidence is clear: meat-based diets hold a significant edge over vegan diets when it comes to muscle building. Animal-based proteins provide a superior amino acid profile and require far less planning to ensure adequate protein intake. Vegan diets may support muscle building when meticulously planned and supplemented, but meat-based diets remain the gold standard for those serious about maximizing muscle growth.

The choice between a vegan and a meat-eating diet for muscle building should no longer be a debate. The research overwhelmingly supports meat-based diets as the best option for muscle development. It’s time to embrace the power of meat and unlock your muscle-building potential.

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